Immigrants in the kitchen, Raul and Radishes


On my 4th podcast I have a lengthy chat with Raul Cienfuegos. Raul is an El Salvadorian immigrant who is "doing it by the book". We has worked in kitchens in the US since 2001 and has worked his way up the right way. He worked at both New World Home Cooking AND New World Bistro Bar. He chats about pay and workload inequites, earning respect and making it in America. He also is pretty funny, though a wee bit shy. 

This podscat's recipes are featuring summer radishes! Butter poached radishes and pickled radish tops. It's time to cook from the farmer's market, kids! All recipes are available at

And then I finish with a song called Beating Me Back. When I was in the band SKIN in Boston I wrote plenty of songs with political statements. This song was writen in 1986, and  I could release it now.