The underground of food and a chef’s roots


I'm back@! I have been traveling and working quite a bit but i am back in the groove. This episode was recorded at WKZE in Kingston for the show Kingston Happenings with Kevin Godbey and Veronica Fassbender. We chat about everything from how underground music influenced our food to why Vegan burgers at Burger king are NOT a good thing.




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Live from Taormina with Chef Amy Sins


What A Trip! While I was hosting my food tour of Sicily, Amy Sins, a chef from New Orleans with whom we have mutual friends, was also hosting a food tour of Sicily. Not only were we in Sicily at the same time, we were both in Taormina, about 1000 meters away from each other. So, we have some drinks along with my friend and travel Agent Virginia Barthel. We chatted over vodka and pizza until we closed the joint down!



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Andy Shernoff on Punk, White Castle and Fine Wine


This special episode of One Million Stringbeans features my conversation with N.Y. Punk Rock Legend and current "Woodstocker" Andy Shernoff.

Andy formed one of NY's first "punk" bands the Dictators in '73. They were pure guitar rock with irreverent, witty lyrics that tell stories of being a kid in NY.

Andy is also a wine expert and has worked in some of NY's best wine stores. Andy and I also play some music together and the podcast finishes with one of the Dictators Anthems "Who Will Save Rock and Roll" (who will?)


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